Good Roots Music On the Web

River House Sunset

Even on vacation I can’t spend all my time enjoying the beauty of the river.  So I went online this morning and came across one new roots music blog and was reminded of another old favorite.  I thought I’d share them with you.

The new find is called Fiddlefreak Folk Music Blog, written by a musician and artist on the west coast named Stuart Mason.  I found his recent post on singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz to be a great introduction to someone who seems worth checking out – just as his blog promised.  Visit the site and see if you find some new music that’s worth exploring.

The old favorite is the website No Depression, which is the online version of the late and lamented magazine of the same name.  (The title is taken from the 1930s Carter Family tune, They’ll Be No Depression in Heaven, which could be just as appropriate in 2009.)   No Depression was a great magazine covering the broad area called Americana, alt-country, or roots music.  That tradition is bravely carried on by the online version, and I recommend it.  For a look at the business side of trying to make an online version of a magazine work economically, check out their article entitled The Cold Hard Facts. If you just want to read about music, then read the review of a recent Dr. John show in St. Louis.  No Depression has strong articles, but I always found their album and concert reviews to be insightful and full of surprises.

Take some time out in August to give the roots music online community some support!

More to come…


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