Milwaukee City Hall – Looking Back, Looking Forward

Milwaukee City Hall If Calatrava’s Milwaukee Art Museum is a symbol of the city’s optimism for the 21st century (see my previous post), then the City Hall is a fine example of the community’s spirit and optimism for the 20th.

But not content to remain in the past, City Hall is primed – after a 1988 interior restoration and a beautiful exterior restoration completed in 2009 – to showcase this unheralded gem of a midwestern city.

We were meeting across the street yesterday morning at the Pabst Theatre – another fine preservation project – when a number of us walked over to see what a colleague described as “an atrium you don’t want to miss.”  Man, was he right!

The pictures here don’t really do the interior justice, but you’ll just have to take my word.  This well in the central section of the building in the portion behind the tower is 20 feet by 70 feet and rises the full eight floors.

Enjoy the photos of City Hall (plus one I’ve thrown in of the Pabst Theatre).  We’re touring some of Frank Lloyd Wright in his native Wisconsin during this trip, so look for some FLW in an upcoming post – including one set of houses that may be a surprise for you.

More to come…


Milwaukee City Hall Exterior View

Milwaukee City Hall Atrium Looking Down from the 8th Floor

Milwaukee City Hall Skylight

Milwaukee City Hall View From the Ground Floor

Pabst Theatre

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