Muriel Anderson: Day Tripper

Okay.  I’m officially in love.

I posted a video earlier this morning of Muriel Anderson playing harp guitar.  When the video ended, it did the normal YouTube thing and gave me an offering of related videos to view.  I clicked on “Day Tripper” – one of my favorite Beatles tune – and within about 20 seconds I was mesmerized.

Here’s Muriel Anderson, playing this wonderful and complex pop tune while explaining the thought process that went into the arrangement.  She’s copying McCartney’s bass line (never an easy thing to do even when you aren’t talking) but then she has the melody going, and then she switches to play in B, and then…well, see for yourself.


More to come…


2 Responses

  1. […] am a fan of guitarist Muriel Anderson.  You’ve got to love a classical guitarist whose first influence was Doc Watson!  She can […]

  2. […] my goodness.  I was sitting next to the woman who I’d proclaimed my love for to God and the internet, after hearing her version of the Beatles tune Day Tripper. I had wandered […]

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