I usually love to listen to baseball on the radio.

Tonight was not usual.

On the drive home from BWI Airport following a quick trip to Nashville, I tuned in to the 7th inning of the Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves game.  According to the announcers, the first six innings were well-played and scoreless.

The seventh was neither (well-played nor scoreless).

For all the T-ball aged readers of More to Come… here are things you’ll learn when you make it to Little League.  (Apparently the Nats skipped that level of baseball development.)

First, when the #6 hitter has a lead-off double and you are the #7 hitter, you do not sacrifice bunt.  By bunting you put all the pressure on the #8 hitter because the pitcher bats in the #9 hole.  Of course, for the Nats tonight the #7 hitter bunts for a sacrifice in that situation, then the #8 hitter makes an out (a likely occurence for all #8 hitters – there’s a reason they are there) and all of a sudden the pitcher – who is throwing a shutout – is supposed to drive in the run.  You know how often pitchers drive in runs with two outs.

Second, when you get a double play ball hit to you at shortstop, you turn the double play.  Ian Desmond booted a tailor-made double play in the bottom of the 7th.  Instead of two outs and one on at third, the bases are loaded with no outs.

Third, when you are a weak-armed center fielder and a sac fly is hit to you with the bases loaded, you throw the ball to second to keep the double play in order.  You do not throw the ball to third, where you have no chance to get an out and you give up second base to the runner on first.  Of course, Nyjer Morgan throws to third.  Both runners score.

It is tough to be a fan of a team playing the worst baseball in the majors at the moment.

Oh well.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

More to come…


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