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Bluegrass in the Barn

There are many great places to hear bluegrass – heck, just about any place will do.  But Candice and I have found a spot that’s become a favorite:  the barn at Evensong Farm.

Which is how we came to listen to live bluegrass on 10.10.10.

Evensong is a farm we support at the Silver Spring farmers market.  Here’s how owner Julie Stinar  describes their work:

Heritage. Health. Harmony. These are the chords of Evensong Farm in historic Sharpsburg, Maryland, growing natural foods that sustain our land, our neighbors and our souls. Healthful, heritage foods cultivated at nature’s pace without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified inputs. Heirloom vegetables and herbs, pasture-fresh eggs, grass-raised poultry, pork and beef – healthful food grown to the rhythms of the seasons, to the patient melody of time.

We’re just glad that part of the rhythms of the season includes hearing great bluegrass by Darren Beachley and Legends of the Potomac on the Columbus Day weekend in Evensong’s historic wooden barn.

Beachley is a fine tenor singer who has played with Doyle Lawson.  Banjo player Mark Delaney was with the Country Gentlemen.  Mandolinist and natural comedian Norman Wright was also a Country Gentleman as well as a member of the Bluegrass Cardinals.  But the two gentlemen who really make the “legends” name ring true are two founding members of the Seldom Scene:  bassist Tom Gray and dobroist Mike Auldridge.

The Legends of the Potomac played a great two-hour show this afternoon on a beautiful fall day.  Strong instrumental chops were on display throughout.  One of the treats was an impromptu mandolin/banjo duet to fill the time while Beachely replaced a string.  The set closed with classic Auldridge:  Walk Don’t Run. Our friends Tom and Paul marveled at the musicianship with us on the ride home.

I took a number of photos, and I’ve posted some here.  The Legends don’t have very good video up on YouTube (although this should change soon, as they videotaped today’s concert).  I’m using that as an excuse to post an old Seldom Scene video of John Duffey and his remarkable (crazed?!) version of After Midnight. It is classic Duffey as he mugs for the crowd, but it also shows the remarkable musicianship of Gray and Auldridge (at a much younger age).

Thanks to Julie (Tom Gray’s daughter) and Evensong for hosting this wonderful afternoon.  A great way to enjoy bluegrass in a great venue.

This photo says it all.  Check out the sign:  Grass is Good!

Enjoy the Seldom Scene, and two of the legends in their younger days.

More to come…


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