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Lowering the ole’ blood pressure

We’ve had a great deal of focus on doctors and health in our family over the past two months.  I’ll spare you the details.  But in recent weeks, I’ve taken to wondering if I should ask the doctors taking care of my wife to give me a blood pressure test while they’re handy.

Sligo Creek
Sligo Creek Bridge

The knowledge that Candice was the focus of these visits kept me from going that far, but I have taken to sticking my arm into the testing machine at the local pharmacy, just to keep tabs.

Blood pressure isn’t something I’ve had to worry about very much.  When I go in for physicals, the nurse will generally take my blood pressure, look at me, and say something like, “You’ve got terrific blood pressure.”  While not the picture of health, I’ve always been pleased I could rely on that number to turn out right where it should be.

Candice, however, has begun to worry about my stress levels…adding to my worries that she’s now worrying.  And when I took a test at Rite Aid about 10 days ago and my blood pressure was higher than it should have been, then I got to worry a bit more.  Yikes!

The good news is that I stopped in today for another prescription for Candice, took the test, and I was back to normal.  But I realize that I can’t rely on good genes forever.

So on a day off from work I took the DJB cure for high blood pressure and walked through beautiful Sligo Creek park this afternoon.  Washingtonians go bonkers over Rock Creek Park, but here in Silver Spring our own Sligo Creek is pretty wonderful in its own way.  And when the leaves are changing, oh my!  Beautiful is too pedestrian a description.

I took some pictures while out working on my health.  I hope they help you relax as well.

More to come…


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  1. Dolores says

    shhhh… don’t spill the beans on Silver Spring’s Sligo Creek! Just kidding. I drive that road every day to take Ian to school and occasionally stop and go for a walk on the way home and you’re right — it’s just what the doctor ordered to alleviate day to day stress and strain!

  2. Tom Brown says

    David that is a beautiful area. I am looking forward to the fall color east of the B’oro very soon. My b/p is doing very well, but I’m taking pills, I don’t have much stress, just an 86 year old body.

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