Quest for the Best Part II (Or Have We Just Seen the Winner?)

When last we visited, dear readers, Candice and I were on a quest to see all the nominees for Best Picture.

Tonight, I think we saw the winner.  Or at the very least, my choice.

I know, we still have four movies to go (who in the world came up with NINE nominations?!), but Hugo is such a wonderful story, told in a loving way, with that terrific 3D look…well, I’m ready to place my bets.

(Column interruption:  I really don’t bet.  Every monetary bet I’ve ever made in my life, I’ve lost.  My good friend John Lane said it best:  “I have the same chance of winning the lottery whether I buy a ticket or not.”  Now back to the regularly scheduled blog post.)

It doesn’t mean the other movies aren’t worth seeing.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all five.  I went to see The Artist with minimal expectations, but found it enchanting.  It didn’t hurt that we caught that movie in the restored AFI Silver Theatre here in Silver Spring – a perfect place to see a silent movie!

Seeing all nine movies before the awards show will be tough.  But we’ll keep trying.  To date, I’ve seen five of the nominees and Candice has seen four.  And our current rankings from top to bottom?


  • Hugo
  • The Artist
  • War Horse
  • Moneyball


  • Hugo
  • The Artist
  • The Descendants
  • War Horse
  • Moneyball

I don’t really think The Descendants is that much better than War Horse, but I have to say that in the case of War Horse  I always end up comparing the movie with the play…and that doesn’t help the movie.

But what do I know?  We have one more to see in the theatre, then we’ll have to scramble to find the others on DVD.  Plan B?  Catch three movies with Best Actor or Best Actress nominees.  I could always go see a movie about Marilyn Monroe!

See you at the movies!

More to come…


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