Vote Early…or Late…Just Vote

Maryland’s early voting opened today, and I just returned from casting my vote at the Silver Spring Civic Center – along with hundreds of my neighbors.

The line stretched back to the Whole Foods store, but moved briskly.  There was a festive feel in the air. Of course, when I got inside the Civic Center and saw the tabulation for votes at 1 p.m. – over 500 registered Democrats and less than 30 registered Republicans – I realized that most of the people in this line were going to vote the same general ticket. No wonder they were festive!

Our presidential contest is assumed to be no contest, but we do have a few national/local issues on our ballot – the most important being the state’s Marriage Equality initiative.  Maryland, along with two other states, is attempting to become the first state to support marriage equality by popular vote.

Waiting for 90 minutes also means you have a lot of time to talk with others in the line. I was in a typically diverse segment, with a 20-something long-hair, a young African-American man with bright orange shoes, a 70ish grandmother type who was smart enough to bring her camp stool (remember that for future years), and two delightful Latina women. We all talked about the issues, chatted with the poll workers, and read our smart phones/tablets.  I also took out time to plug-in to some music, and the following tune by Patty Griffin came on as I was nearing the voting booth.  I love Patty’s version of If I Had My Way (recorded at Nashville’s historic Downtown Presbyterian Church), and it seemed appropriate in these days of Citizens United.

As the lead says, vote early, or late…just vote!

More to come…


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