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To the Movies (an Update)

Film ReelAlert readers have been waiting for an update on the Browns’ choices for Best Picture of 2013.  Well, wait no longer!

For others (who have better things to wait for) this is a follow-up post on our effort for the second year in a row to see all of the films nominated for Best Picture of the Year before the Oscars.

We’re now two-thirds of the way home, having just come from a showing of Silver Linings Playbook and having seen Argo last weekend.  These were two very good movies. I don’t think they’ll win Best Picture, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t take home awards in other categories.  Bradley Cooper was excellent in the lead of Playbook, and I think I’m in love with Jennifer Lawrence.  Robert De Niro was – well, he’s Robert De Niro.  (He wasn’t on the screen a minute when Candice – she of the maiden name Colando – turned to me and said, “This is SUCH an Italian family!”) Alan Arkin was also terrific in Argo (but both De Niro and Arkin have stiff competition from Tommy Lee Jones). I still believe  Daniel Day-Lewis takes home the Best Actor award and Lincoln is my favorite for Best Picture, but there have been some shake-ups below #1.

Here’s where I currently stand, with 6 out of 9 viewed:

1. Lincoln

2. Argo

3. Silver Linings Playbook

4. Life of Pi

5. Les Mis

6. Beasts of the Southern Wild

And where does Candice stand at the moment?

1. Lincoln

2. Les Mis

3. Argo

4. Silver Linings Playbook

5. Life of Pi

6. Beasts of the Southern Wild

We’re going to catch Amour online this week.  And while Candice has declared that she’s not watching the two violent ones – Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty, I’m still on the fence. Last year we made 8 out of 9, and I’d like to get to the finish line in 2013.

But there was one part of Silver Linings Playbook that I would give an Oscar to in a heartbeat.  For me, the attraction between Pat and Tiffany began to really simmer with the Bob Dylan/Johnny Cash duet of Girl from the North Country. I know they only give Oscars for best original music, but you can’t get more original voices than Dylan and Cash.  I love that song (and have since it came out on Dylan’s Nashville Skyline album). With the addition of Cash in the duet, it takes the song from very good to classic.

So I’ll leave you with that.  Enjoy the video (and the photos of Dylan and Cash), and go see the movie.

More to come…


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