My That’s Spicy!

David at Lucy's with Candice, Andrew and ClaireIn planning this year’s staycation, everyone in the family picked one thing (or a series of related things) for the family to experience.  Andrew’s contribution?  Why four nights of ethnic dining in and around the Washington area.

First up:  Lucy’s Ethiopian Restaurant in Silver Spring!

Andrew and Claire have both discovered Ethiopian food over the past year, and they love it.  For Candice and me, it was a first.

The Washington Post recently had a strong review of Lucy’s which we took along for the evening, and the reviewer sent us toward some terrific tasting dishes. Between the four of us we enjoyed lamb, beef, collard greens and a wonderful misir wot dish (or split lentils).

Lucy’s is fast gaining a reputation as one of the best Ethiopian restaurants in the region, with food that is spicy and delicious.  But if you chose to go, just remember – you can leave your knife and fork at home.  Thanks to the injera (a spongy bread) for wrapping, this is all finger food.


More to come…


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