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Doesn’t Syracuse Need a Closer?

Nats vs Phillies Sept 5 2014No more discussions (or articles) about the Nats being a World Series team. Not after tonight.

And it all started with such promise.

I showed up to our regular seats in Section 313 with my work colleague Paul to find the new sign the Lerners had posted over the recent road trip.

N-A-T-S Nats, Nats, Nats, Woo!

Our section’s cheer!  Emblazoned on the ballpark!  How cool is that?!  Thank you, Kim (a 313 regular who suggested it to a Nats marketing staffer).

With two runs in the first (thanks to Adam LaRoche’s home run), we had the chance to use it early and often.

Woo indeed!

Section 313 Cheer

Stephen Strasburg is cruising.  My new score book is getting a work out due to the great offense. Strasburg leaves after six terrific innings with a 5-1 lead. One inning later, it is 7-2.  Atlanta gets battered tonight, cutting our magic number by one more.  We had a chance to gain a game in the standings. What could go wrong?

Rafael Soriano could go wrong, even though he wasn’t alone.  Three errors weren’t helpful.  Bryce Harper and Denard Span decide to run into each other on a fly ball that either one could have caught.  But two of those errors occurred after the game should have been over.

Soriano should be the closer for the AAA Syracuse Chiefs after this evening.  (Oh, the Chiefs’ season ended when they lost a 4-0 lead in the playoffs?  Well, there goes that plan.) The Nats struggling (to put it mildly) closer gave up two home runs (to two players who never hit home runs) and three runs in a meltdown of a ninth inning. It was so damn painful, because you could see it coming.

So, I’m sitting here wondering what jinxed it.  Boswell’s World Series article this morning? Our new Section 313 sign? My new score book?  Something must have caused this meltdown. As I wrote earlier this week, we’re into a whole new level of anxiety this month.

It is a good thing the Nats play again in less than 24 hours.  This would really hurt if we had to wait a week like they do in football. Perhaps it is also appropriate that Saturday’s game is billed as “Faith Night.”  We’re going to need some prayers after this loss.

More to come…


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