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You cannot take a bad picture in Paris (well, truth be told, actually Giverny): Part 3

An early morning wakeup on Thursday (following a night at the opera…but that will come later), then rides on three trains including an hour on yet another wonderful European train system, and we found ourselves at impressionist painter Claude Monet’s gardens and home in Giverny.

Claire, Andrew, and Candice take in the French countryside outside Paris (DJB)

Claude Monet’s gardens at Giverny are like his paintings — brightly colored patches that are messy but balanced. Flowers were his brushstrokes, a bit untamed and slapdash, but part of a carefully composed design. Monet spent his last (and most creative) years cultivating his garden and his art at Giverny, the spiritual home of Impressionism (1883-1926).

Rick Steeves “Paris”
The flowers that greeted us upon our arrival at Monet’s gardens (DJB)

All four of us were mesmerized by the beauty of the gardens and landscapes. We took hundreds of pictures, many of which include other people because there were a great many visitors on group tours and school field trips during our day at the site. One could find isolated spots however, for moments of quiet reflection.

Enjoy this sampling, and — as always — the family photos are at the end of the post (but there are some good ones, if I do say so myself!)

The colors were vibrant (DJB)
Monet’s garden (DJB)
Along the garden path (DJB)

The water garden is one of the most recognizable subjects in painting, and a visit shows why.

Water garden (ABB)
Water lilies in the garden (DJB)
Detail of water lilies (DJB)
Andrew takes in the famous water garden boats (DJB)
Water garden detail (CCB)
Views through the gardens to see the pond (CCB)

Monet’s home is only mildly interesting, but there were features we all chose to capture, including the kitchen, dining room, and studio.

Facade of Claude Monet’s house (CHB)
Monet’s studio (DJB)
Dining room…for 8 children…at the Monet house (CCB)
The Monet kitchen (CCB)
View of the gardens from the house (CHB)
The porch (DJB)

Finally, with so many luscious backdrops, the urge to take family photos in this setting is irresistible. Here’s a look at the Browns, set amidst Claude Monet’s beautiful gardens at Giverny.

Andrew in Monet’s gardens (CHB)
Claire along the garden path (ABB)
Candice on the bridge at the water garden (DJB)
Candice and DJB in the gardens of Giverny (CHB)

More to come…


For other posts in the series on pictures of Paris, click here for Part 1, and click here for Part 2.

Image: Bees at work at Giverny by CHB

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