March Promises Some Wonderful Music

As we head into March, the Institute of Musical Tradition has some terrific music lined up.   Those in the Washington area should check out one or more of the great musicians in town.

I been listening to bassist Missy Raines for years – first with Cloud Valley, then Eddie and Martha Adcock, and more recently with Claire Lynch and in a duo with flatpicker Jim Hurst.  She’s a seven-time winner of the International Bluegrass Music Association bassist of the year, and she’s just formed a new band named Missy Raines and the New Hip in honor of a new body part!  She’s at IMT on March 9th.

On March 23rd, flatpicker extraordinaire Steve Kaufman plays at IMT.  I haven’t seen Kaufman live, but I’ve heard and admired his music for a long time.  Kaufman runs a series of well-respected guitar camps during the summer and is a great teacher.  He’s also known for his long list of banjo jokes on his flatpik website.

A little boy told his mother that when he grew up he wanted to be a banjo player. “Oh no son,” his mother replied, “you either have to be a banjo player, or you have to grow up.”

What do you call five banjos at the bottom of a lake?  A good start.

And at the end of the month,  for you gypsy guitar lovers, John Jorgenson is in town for what promises to be a terrific performance.   I saw Jorgenson at IMT about two years ago, and he is simply an amazing guitarist.  Bring your flatpick and come join us!

Check out this video of Jorgenson playing Ghost Dance.

More to come…


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