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My New Favorite Off-Season Sport, Part II

In late January, I wrote a post about the Washington Capitals and how their exciting brand of play was making hockey my new favorite off-season sport.   A play last night by Alex Ovechkin – the “Great 8” – just solidified that feeling.

First some background as to how I came to watch an entire hockey game uninterrupted at home.  Candice and Andrew were out while I was battling both a computer with a virus and a head cold, both of which came from my teenagers.  As for the computer, I normally have my laptop with me as I watch TV sports but Claire was using it last night. On Monday  Andrew had ventured off on the home computer into web sites where viruses lurk, and so we were down one computer waiting to get it debugged.  The head cold came, on the other hand, from Claire’s recent sickness.   I finally decided to just give in, curl up on the couch, and watch the entire Caps vs. Canadiens game.

And what a great decision that was!  After a wide open first period ended in a 2-2 tie, the Caps had to score in the final two minutes of the 3rd period to even the score.  Then after a scoreless overtime, the Caps won in a shootout.

The game was exciting enough, but as a bonus it included one of Alex Ovechkin’s classic goals.  In the first period, Ovechkin took the puck near center ice, banked it against the boards to his left, did a 180 degree turn to his right to avoid an onrushing player, and then picked up the puck again in the offensive zone.  A Canadiens player rushed him from the side and knocked him down, but as he was sliding on his butt across the front of the goal, Alex kept control of the puck and flipped it up over the goalie.  It was incredible…but of course this morning, Ovechkin was quoted as saying,

“No, normal goal, not sick.  Top 10 probably.  You have to try something new.”

But the Caps coach disagreed.  Quoted in the Washington Post, Bruce Boudreau said,

“I’ve seen that goal about a 1,000 times,” Coach Bruce Boudreau said of “the Goal” scored by Ovechkin from his back in 2006. “But [this one] was as amazing a goal as I’ve ever seen.”

As I expected, someone had it on You Tube by this morning.  Enjoy it for yourself.

More to come…


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