Everyone Loves a Parade

Few things top a small town parade on July 4th.

Especially when the small town is Takoma Park, MD – home to one of the quirkiest and liveliest parades around.

Takoma Park has – to put it mildly – a progressive bent. I’ve written about these sensibilities, and their wonderful July 4th parade, before in More to Come.

So besides the obligatory Uncle Sam, the antique cars, and the politicians, this July 4th parade has a few things you’re unlikely to see in your average small town salute to liberty and independence.

Like the precision grill team.

Some of the entries are just silly. (This is a parade that gives out a “Wacky Tacky Takoma Award!) In the past, the Takoma Park parade has featured a precision drill team of environmentally friendly reel mowers.  Those good folks were missing this year, but in their place was the precision grill team.

Outfitted with their aprons, beaters, and spatulas, they marched along with the local organic food market, holding signs that asked, “You want a piece of this?”  Candice, Claire, and I – who took the short Metro ride to Takoma Park and claimed our traditional shady spot on Maple Street – all laughed at the silliness.

Takoma Park also has an abundance of steel drum units and brightly dressed dancers. Claire swore she knew the popular songs the drum units were playing. To my ear they all sounded alike, but set your feet to dancing nonetheless.

But the real fun begins with the political theatre that’s always in evidence in Takoma Park. This year there was a satire on the Tea Party, and many references to Mitt Romney’s poor dog Seamus and his ride to Canada on the roof of the car.

So enjoy some more pictures from the parade…and have a Happy 4th!

More to come…


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  1. […] – and all the twins’ friends joined us (rather enthusiastically, I think).  While the Takoma Park July 4th parade didn’t have quite the pizzazz of a presidential year (I miss the “Mutts for Mitt” […]

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