Our Year in Photos – 2012

On Thanksgiving Eve, I’m continuing my recent tradition of posting pictures of the past year on More to Come… 2012 has been a year of healing, growth, and – yes – thanksgiving.  We’ve worked through health issues, visited with an amazing group of friends from all around the world, spent time with our extended families, and savored the blessings we’ve received.

Claire and Andrew finished up their freshman years in college and have settled in to busy lives as sophomores on their respective coasts. Candice and I have adjusted to the empty nest, and are finding new richness in our relationship after celebrating 30 years of marriage. The photos below give a brief glimpse of all we’ve encountered during 2012.

Take your cursor  and hover over the picture to pick up the caption.  We hope you enjoy the photos, beginning with the one at the top of the post of the four of us on Christmas Eve 2011.  As we enter this new holiday season, Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours.

More to come…


2 Responses

  1. What wonderful family pictures! I enjoy seeing all of them, how happy “the children” look and healthy, a wonderful time in life.

    Mary Jane Brisbane

  2. […] we enter Thanksgiving week, I continue our tradition of posting family photographs from the past year on More to Come…. And in 2013, we have much for which to be […]

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