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Travel in order to be moved

Next week More to Come will awaken from its summer slumber with posts on a range of current issues, places that matter, roots musicians, and occasional bursts of radical common sense. But before we get back into the thick of things, let’s take the time to honor that great tradition of the August holiday.

In 2016 I quoted the travel writer Pico Iyer in a post entitled The real voyage of discovery. Iyer noted,

“…anybody who travels knows that you’re not really doing so in order to move around – you’re traveling in order to be moved.  And really what you’re seeing is not just the Grand Canyon or the Great Wall but some moods or intimations or places inside yourself that you never ordinarily see when you’re sleepwalking through your daily life.”

To get back into the swing of blogging, and — more importantly — to celebrate current trips and anticipate future adventures, here are links to a bakers dozen old MTC favorites from places I’ve visited since this blog began in 2008 as a way to capture a family trip to the Four Corners. If you want to see more, check out the Heritage Travel section of the blog.


Acoma Pueblo Detail, photo by Claire
  • A few “classic” photos features a small collection of the 140 black-and-white photographs Claire took and developed in her high school dark room from that same trip.

  • Beautiful Stockholm captures several days out of our March 2014 family trip to see Andrew, who was studying abroad.

Glacier panorama at Logan Pass

In 2014, Claire and I took a 22-day cross-country trip that I dubbed the Not All Who Wander Are Lost tour. There are posts and pictures from each day on that wonderful experience, if you want to explore. I’ll just say that every dad should have the opportunity to explore the riches of our country for three weeks with his daughter.

  • Going to the sun is a nice sample from that trip, capturing our day in Glacier National Park.

King's College Courtyard
King’s College Courtyard, Cambridge

Duomo Dome
Glimpse of the Duomo (Cathedral) dome in Florence
  • 48 hours in Tuscany is just one of many posts from our lifetime-changing six weeks in Rome in 2016, for my sabbatical.
  • These Observations from Rome wrapped up those six weeks. You can get a sense of what we did and find links to specific posts. (There were many.)

I took a gap year in 2019 after retiring from the National Trust, and the first thing on the agenda was travel. I’ll end this post with three links to my time in Japan, followed by one post from our visit to England.

Buddhist statues at Daisho-in Temple
Buddhist statues, decorated to protect children and travelers, at Daisho-in Temple, Miyajima, Japan
  • Eight days before the architect I.M. Pei passed away at the age of 102, we visited his Miho Museum in Japan. I wrote about it in I.M. Pei, Rest in Peace.
  • Children of the drum was written from Japan as a reminder that we need to remember the basic things that make us human, helping us work together in community. We need to get to the heartbeat.
  • Japan by sea is the wrap-up to that wonderful two-week tour.
  • We were in England for the 75th anniversary of D-Day. One of the reasons we travel is to understand that our perspective isn’t the only one when it comes to historical events. I wrote about this in Remembering D-Day.

Happy travels, whenever you have the opportunity to see distant places.

More to come…


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


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