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Mind Yourself: A musical wake for Mick Moloney

The Tenement Museum in New York’s Lower East Side is a national treasure. It is always important as a place for telling the story of American immigration. But during times like these, when immigrants are being targeted by right wing politicians, its value increases ten-fold.

Because it is a historic site of the National Trust, I worked with the talented staff at the museum when I was at the Trust and our family has continued to support it financially. That means I get the museum’s e-newsletter, and I was so pleased when the most recent one had information and a link to a musical wake for the late Dr. Michael “Mick” Moloney.

After an evening much like any other, “Mind yourself” were the last words Mick Moloney said to his longtime friend Lenwood Sloan. A sweet send-off meant with the care Mick shared with all he knew – friends, collaborators, and students alike.

Here’s what you’ll find if you click on the video:

Join us for an intimate, musical celebration of the life and work of Dr. Michael “Mick” Moloney with some of his closest collaborators and friends. Moloney was a performer, folklorist, and historian of Irish American music whose work, among many other firsts, helped explore the connections between Irish and African American music and cultural traditions. Dr. Miriam Nyhan Grey will be in discussion with Lenwood Sloan, a longtime friend and partner of Moloney’s on Irish and African American traditions. Throughout this Tenement Concert, broadcast live from our recreated 1860s tenement parlor, they will host four musicians for an evening of memory, song, and stories that honor Moloney’s passion for the connections between people and cultures.

After brief introductory remarks, Dr. Grey and Lenwood Sloan have a short conversation. The group music begins around the 11-minute mark with the beautiful Hard Times Come Again No More. Music and conversation flow throughout the hour.

The live musical performances are by Athena Tergis, Daniel Neely, Brenda Castle, Liz Hanley, Brendan Dolan, and Anna Colliton.

Mick Moloney (credit

This program is one of a series of informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking sessions the museum offers online and in person. A few months ago, our family joined in a delightful online program on cooking. Tenement Museum President Annie Polland is the latest in a line of amazing leaders at the museum, beginning with founder Ruth Abram and including President Emeritus Morris Vogel. I’ve been honored to work with — and most importantly learn from — each of them as well as other key members of the staff through the years.

To learn about the benefits of Tenement Museum membership, please visit the museum’s website.

As you find the time, dip your toes into this wonderful musical wake, recorded in the recreated 1860s tenement parlor.

Rest in peace, Mick Moloney.

More to come…


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