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Exploring the roots and branches of American folk music with Low Lily

One of the joys of writing Saturday Soundtrack — my weekly music post — is the discovery of new musicians and new bands that pop up unexpectedly in the research. I came across Low Lily last fall while catching up on the music of Matt Flinner, an artist recently featured on Soundtrack. This Vermont-based vocal and string band…

explores the roots and branches of American folk music with traditional influences and modern inspiration that weaves together a unique brand of acoustic music. Liz Simmons (vocals and guitar), Flynn Cohen (vocals, guitar and mandolin), and Lissa Schneckenburger (vocals and fiddle) are masterful players with deep relationships to traditional music styles ranging from bluegrass to Irish, Scottish, New England and Old Time Appalachian sounds. When you combine this with stellar composition skills and inventive arrangements you get music that is rooted yet contemporary.

Low Lily | Old Songs, Inc.

The band’s “outstanding and meticulous” vocal blend first drew me to the group. This comes from many years together on the road, both as a band and as key members of projects by other musicians. Hope Lingers On, written by Lissa Schneckenburger with Liz Simmons on the lead, is a wonderful tune in which to hear their beautifully crafted harmonies.

My love, when honor is gone

My love, when honor is gone

In our darkest hour hope lingers on

My country, when justice is gone

My country, when justice is gone

In our darkest hour hope lingers on

I will not hate, and I will not fear

In our darkest hour, hope lingers here

Next let’s explore the band’s instrumental work — featuring fiddle and mandolin leads by Schneckenburger and Cohen — with the lovely tune The Good Part.

10,000 Days Like These was the title track of Low Lily’s 2018 album, featured here in a live version. That’s followed by The Girl’s Not Mine with a lead vocal by fiddler Lissa Schneckenburger.

Matt Flinner joins the band in this 2019 live performance of the bluegrass tune Love of the Mountains.

One of the band’s more recent projects has been a remix of Dark Skies Again from the 10,000 Days album.

Went real far from home, I didn’t know what I’d find

Things had been tough and I needed some peace of mind

I put miles of ocean between me and it all

Lay down under the stars til I felt real small.

Dark skies again

Dark skies again

I’ve been hanging around that dirty town too long

Sometimes you don’t know where it’ll all come down.

We’ll end where we began, with another great vocal mix — this time underpinned by a beautiful bass line — on Nobody Knows.

Nobody told me that the road would be easy…but it is nice to have such beautiful music to take us along the path.


More to come…


Image of Low Lily from HOME | LOW LILY. I love the Gibson A-4 mandolin Flynn Cohen holds in this picture. I have one from 1921 that features the same red sunburst coloring and similar marks of wear. It is a beautiful instrument.


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  1. DJB says

    Aren’t they great, Kathy? They are from your neck of the woods. So glad you like them. Take care – DJB

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