Touring Old Salem

Last weekend I had the chance to tour Old Salem while on a work trip to Winston-Salem.  It had been more than 10 years since I visited this historic home of the Moravians in North Carolina, and it was a great way to reconnect to this very historic – and special – place.

I knew the day would be a treat when a long-time and dear friend, Martha Hartley, stepped on our bus with her husband Mo to give us the traditional Moravian escort from the boundaries of Wachovia.   Martha and I worked together in preservation many years earlier in Virginia, and I didn’t know she had been tapped as the organizer of the day’s tours.  Mo and Martha traded special insights back and forth about the founding of Salem, the impact of the landscape and waterways, and the practices of the Moravians.

After the short organ recital on the David Tannenberg Organ by Janette Fishell (see my earlier post In Praise of Tracker Organs), we spent the rest of the morning touring the town, gardens, and museums.  The visit whetted my appetite for a quick return, and I’ll post a few photographs (beginning with the bakery door above) that may entice you as well.

More to come…



2 Responses

  1. David,

    Your “slow blog” is pleasurable reading and thanks for including Old Salem in your memorable places.

    Peace and good cheer!

  2. Many thanks, Martha. I appreciate the note. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


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