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The ‘toons

I really appreciate — and enjoy — political cartoons. And can I say that I really miss Tom Toles? Since he retired as cartoonist for the Washington Post the old rag has never been the same.

To help get me through this political season, I’ll occasionally post a few of my favorite ‘toons. I suspect they will make you laugh, think, and/or cry. Or get mad. As Toles said in a final NPR interview,

(T)he nature of political cartooning is — the thing that differentiates it from other commentary is the image for sure. And the image is part of its strength — a great deal of its strength, actually. And it’s something that touches a more visceral spot in the brain of the viewer or the reader. And so it’s volatile. It’s almost a dangerous, combustible combination of meaning and imagery.

Editors have never been in love with cartoonists because cartoonists are trouble. And it takes a certain kind of editor that will put up with somebody that’s causing his inbox to fill up with things he doesn’t want to deal with. 

I think John Lewis would call that making “good trouble.”

For my money, Mike Luckovich is the best of the current crop, day in and day out.

Here are a couple of the latest from the current Washington Post editorial cartoonist, Ann Telnaes.

And I’ll end with a vintage Toles from 2020:


More to come…


The image of the cartoonist’s desk is from The Comics Journal, which posted an essay excerpted from the introduction to Jeff Danziger’s book, The Conscience of a Cartoonist: Instructions, Observations, Criticisms, Enthusiasms

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